Booth design is not only a good platform for the corporate image to be displayed to the outside world, but also an art. Only excellent booth design can attract customers' attention and attract customers to the store. Therefore, the quality of the booth design is very important. So, how to make the booth design more prominent?China stand contractor Fire Booth Design will tell you:

First, The booth design structure should be rigorous
Booth design is different from the public's public decoration that requires durability. The quality of the construction brought by the season can be disregarded, but the design of the booth must highlight the personality under the premise of safety. This requires that the booth design should be located in crowded passages, towering booths, etc., and must be reinforced with thicker materials with stronger safety performance, and then on the basis of this, the structure of the overall booth design must be highlighted to highlight the attributes of the enterprise products.

Second, Booth design should clarify corporate culture and highlight corporate characteristics
An excellent booth design not only can give people a very luxurious and eye-catching visual effect, but also take into account the public's understanding of corporate culture. This requires booth designers to fully understand and clarify the cultural content of the company before designing, highlighting the characteristics of the company in the design, so as to achieve a balance between the function of the booth and the exhibits. Allow customers to be attracted by corporate culture in a short time when they see or pass by the booth, and this kind of booth design is an outstanding and excellent booth design.

Third, Appropriate lighting arrangement can make the booth design more prominent
The lighting can show the spatial hierarchy of the booth design to a greater extent, and the three-dimensional effect of the exhibits, so that the details of the products are more detailed. However, when using the lighting layout in the booth design, you should avoid directly exposing the light to the outside. Appropriate and balanced light adjustment can effectively avoid the direct refraction of light on the eyes and affect the user experience.